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Leena Saleh

The Edtech Guru/ Canva Design Educator

Leena Marie Saleh has been coined The Edtech Guru. She is a fomer former educator with 10+ years of classroom experience. She has always been extremely passionate about the modern world of technology and how it transfers into the classroom to make students #workforce ready. She believes that providing students the critical skills for our future is absolutely vital and is important in providing a more equitable opportunity for ALL students. She also believes that exposure generates economic opportunity.

Leena has worked alongside many Educators, Administrators, Thought Leaders and Edtech companies to guide them through execution and preparedness for this next new 'ERA' of modern education.

K-12 Ed Tech

73: Two Ed Tech Gurus "Walk" Into Zoom Room..., An Innovative Conversation with Leena Marie Saleh, Design Educator at Canva and THE Ed Tech Guru

Jan. 30, 2023

Overview In this episode, I got to chat with Leena Marie Saleh , Design Educator with Canva Design School and the Ed Tech Guru. Her initials even spell out LMS :). Leena is a fellow transitioned teacher and shares her story…

Guest: Leena Saleh