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Mental Health Episodes

K-12 Higher Education Mental Health

79: Where are They Now? A special catching up episode with Dr. Katherine Grill, CEO and Co-Founder, Neolth

March 22, 2023

Overview In this episode, I got to catch up with my friend, Dr. Katherine Grill , CEO & Co-Founder of Neolth . Katherine was back on the show back in April of 2022 , and her episode is the most downloaded episode of all time…

Higher Education Mental Health

51: Mental Health Matters and Care Escalation, A Conversation with Dr. Katherine Grill, CEO and Co-Founder Neolth

April 7, 2022

Overview In episode 51, I got to chat with an extraordinary human, Dr. Katherine Grill. Katherine is the CEO and Co-Found of the personalized mental health platform, Neolth , which helps support teens through self-guided acc…