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Higher Education

61: Advocacy Against Gender Discrimination in Clerkships and Making Sure Clerks have the Info They Need, Aliza Shatzman, Esq., Co-Founder & President , The Legal Accountability Project

Nov. 18, 2022

Overview This is a special release for EdUp EdTech where I got to In this episode, I got to chat with an extraordinary human, Aliza Shatzman , Co-Founder and President of The Legal Accountability Project . Aliza shares her e…

Higher Education Online Learning Resources/News

60: Asking New Questions in New Ways and Digitizing Docs for the Masses, A Conversation with Terry Robinson, SVP International & Seth Cayley, VP of Global Engagement

Nov. 17, 2022

Overview In this episode, I got to chat with two fantastic humans, Terry Robinson , Senior Vice President and Managing Director International, and Seth Cayley , Vice President of Global Engagement Product, at Gale . These tw…

Higher Education A.I. Video Corporate

59: Cutting Edge Automation and Providing Engaging Videos for ALL Learners, Stefano Cohen & Beatrice Maneschi, Business Development at Seervision

Nov. 9, 2022

Overview In this episode, I got to chat with two amazing humans, Stefano Cohen , Business Development Manager, and Beatrice Maneschi , Business Development Intern, from Seervision . These two ed tech and business development…

K-12 Higher Education Entrepreneur/Coaching Virtual Tutoring

56: Fear is a LIAR & Breaking the Grade with Josh Chernikoff, Founder & CEO of Cascade Communications

Oct. 19, 2022

Overview In this episode, I got to chat with a great coach and entrepreneur, Josh Chernikoff, Founder and CEO of Cascade Communications and host of the Breaking the Grade Podcast . In this episode, we chatted about growing u…

Higher Education Mental Health

51: Mental Health Matters and Care Escalation, A Conversation with Dr. Katherine Grill, CEO and Co-Founder Neolth

April 7, 2022

Overview In episode 51, I got to chat with an extraordinary human, Dr. Katherine Grill. Katherine is the CEO and Co-Found of the personalized mental health platform, Neolth , which helps support teens through self-guided acc…

Higher Education Assessments/Evaluations/Feedback Faculty Virtual Tutoring

50: Authentic Inquiry Experiences and Real-Time Feedback in Science, Inquiry Intelligent Tutoring System (Inq-ITS) with CEO and Co-Founder, Janice Gobert

March 31, 2022

Overview In this episode, I got to chat with the amazing Janice Gobert, CEO, and Co-founder of Inq-ITS . She is also a Professor of Learning Sciences at Rutgers University . Janice speaks of all her many education travels an…

K-12 Higher Education Annotation/Collaboration

49: Paperless Work, Collaborative Learning and On-going Feedback, Bob Drummond, CRO and Co-founder Kami

March 29, 2022

Overview In this episode, I got to chat with Bob Drummond, CRO and Co-founder of Kami . Bob is based in New Zealand and gave us the low - down on the international ed tech industry. Bob tells of his journey into ed-tech and …

Higher Education Online Learning

44: Offering Internationally Recognized Programs and Authentic Student Support, Yasaara Kaluaratchi, Director of Academics, Prospects Academy

Feb. 16, 2022

Overview In this episode, I got to chat with an extraordinary person and one that shares my love of education, Yasaara Kaluaratchi from Prospects Academy in Sri Lanka. Yasaara talks about her educational journey and how she …

Higher Education

41: A Technology Hub for Higher Education Experts, Jeff Dillon Founder, EdTech Connect

Jan. 27, 2022

Overview In this episode, I get to speak with the always awesome, Jeff Dillon, Founder of EdTech Connect . Jeff shares his journey into the entrepreneurial space and how EdTech Connect came to life. Jeff is a seasoned higher…

Higher Education Gaming/Gamification Where Are They Now? Community

39: Where Are They Now - Catching Up with Shaunak Roy, Founder and CEO of Yellowdig

Jan. 13, 2022

In this "Where Are They Now?" episode of EdUp EdTech, I get to catch up with my dear friend Shaunak Roy, Founder and CEO of Yellowdig. We get an update on all the latest happenings at Yellowdig. The team has been very busy i…