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Wesley Della Volla

Founder and Executive Producer

Wes Della Volla is an Emmy awarding winning producer and the founder of the nonfiction storytelling and experience innovation agency, Meridian Treehouse. Specializing in developing multi-platform immersive experiences, content, and partnerships that educate and entertain – all with the goal of fostering curiosity, free from outdated spatial and logistical constraints. Their goal is to harness immersive experiences to connect you to your world, not escape it.

Recent highlights include producing the first-of-its-kind “shared synchronized immersive reality experience”, Expedition Palau – a virtual event supported by the United Nations that connected hundreds of learners from four continents on nearly any mobile or VR device for a live-guided, group dive under the waters of Palau. Additionally, as an official Strategic Research Partner for Meta Immersive Learning, he and his team produced Moonwalk for the Smithsonian where they created a first-of-its-kind VR and AR lunar landing experience using archival NASA images and audio. A champion for informed and inclusive innovation, Meridian Treehouse also published the evidence-based guide “An Introduction to Learning in The Metaverse”.

Throughout his career, Wes has produced over 300 live and virtual learning experiences, ranging from the small and intimate to the large and expansive. During his tenure at National Geographic, he spearheaded their virtual reality transformation by turning their auditorium into the largest virtual reality theater in the world and launching their first Virtual Explorer events in 2014, which connected a network of 62,000 students with scientists live from their research sites around the globe. Wes’s accolades include Webby Awards in technical innovation and remote/virtual events as well as a National Press Photographers Association's Best of Photojournalism "Innovation" 1st Prize Award. He is also a Board Member for the ocean science literacy non-profit The Hydrous, an adjunct lecturer in Georgetown University’s Environmental Studies Department, and for three years was a Fulbright-National Geographic Storytelling Fellowship selection committee and mentor.

Wes is excited to continue bringing the wonders of the world to lifelong learners of all identities, collaborating with all types of educators, and cultivating the next generation of storytellers and innovators.

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