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Stephen Schaeffer

Educational Disruptor | Lifelong Learner

Stephen Schaeffer has played the role of both the high-energy Educator, Administrator and Consultant who makes the subject matter “come alive” through well-planned, hands-on activities, outcome driven curriculum development, strategic planning, and building key alliances and partnerships. He is passionate about working with organizations who encourage creative and critical thinking to build agency and self-determination to a wide range of people and their communities. His extensive background in education stems from a personal desire to empower individuals to reap the many benefits of lifelong learning.

78: Hire this Person, My Conversation with Stephen Schaeffer, Education Disturber, Design Thinker, Educator, Advisor, App Developer and Future UX Designer

March 15, 2023

Overview On this special episode of EdUp EdTech called "Hire this Person", I got to interview Professional Journey Community Member, Stephen Schaeffer. Stephen is a veteran educator and has helped hundreds of students reach …