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Ross Young

Senior Vice President & General Manager of Linewize North America

Ross Young is Senior Vice President and General Manager of North America at Linewize where he helps K-12 school districts meet the challenges of today’s connected learning environment by leading product strategy, sales and customer experience. With more than 15 years of relevant experience, Young has deep expertise in the EdTech and cybersecurity industries, a passion for technology and its ability to drive social impact, and a strong understanding of how to effectively integrate classroom management tools into school districts while complying with security, safety, 1:1 scale and procurement. An experienced SaaS veteran, Young was instrumental in the successful launch of Linewize in the U.S. market and has spent the past three years aiding in the strategic growth and development of the company. Young is also a thought leader who regularly contributes videos and blog posts on a range of topics including trends in EdTech and remote learning, cyber-safety and mental health in schools, digital citizenship, tech for good and more. When he’s not busy supporting and protecting every child’s digital journey, Young can be found chasing his kids on bikes, skis, scooters or across the football field at his home in San Diego, California.

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