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Cooperation and Collaboration = Transformation

Dr. Jasmin (Bey) Cowin is a Fulbright and EPFP Alumna; Assistant Professor and TESOL/Bilingual Practicum Coordinator at Touro College, Graduate School of Education; lecturer for a newly designed eLearning master’s program at the National University of Science and Technology, Graduate School, Moscow, Russia; past Chair of the New York State TESOL 2021 conference; sustainability analyst for Computers for Schools Burundi; TESOL expert and Train the Trainer for the Future Horizons Foundation for Translation, Training, and Development in Sanaa, Yemen; Kappa Delta Pi member; retired Chair of the Rotary Club of New York United Nations International Breakfast Meetings; past President and past Rotary Assistant Governor for New York State.

Dr. Cowin brings over twenty-five years of experience as an educator, technology specialist and institutional leader. As an Education Policy Fellow at the EPFP™ Institute, Columbia University/Teachers College, she became part of a select group of strategic leaders analyzing trends regarding effective educational policy and leadership with a focus on preparing qualified educators for the complexities of 21st – century classrooms. Her extensive background in education, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, augmented and virtual reality simulation training, Green and Black Swan market shifts, not-for-profit leadership, and commitment to the idea of education (SDG 4) as a basic human right provide her with unique skills and vertical networks locally and globally.

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71: Preparing Educator's for the Complexities of 21st Century Classrooms, A Professor's Perspective, Dr. Jasmin Cowin, Assistant Professor for TESOL & Bilingual Programs, Touro University

Jan. 19, 2023

Overview In this episode, I got to interview my friend, Dr. Jasmine Cowin from Touro University ! Jasmine is an Assistant Professor of TESOL, Ed Tech guru, and lover of all things education. In this episode, you get to hear …

Guest: Jasmin Cowin