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Assessments/Evaluations/Feedback Instructional Design Online Learning

55: Improving Pedagogies and Taking Learning Design to the Next Level, Ewoud de Kok, CEO of FeedbackFruits

Oct. 12, 2022

Overview In this episode, I got to chat with a true innovator, Ewoud de Kok, CEO of Feedback Fruits . In this episode, we chatted about ed tech start-ups, failing forward, riding bikes in the Netherlands, and how FeedbackFru…

Higher Education Assessments/Evaluations/Feedback Faculty Virtual Tutoring

50: Authentic Inquiry Experiences and Real-Time Feedback in Science, Inquiry Intelligent Tutoring System (Inq-ITS) with CEO and Co-Founder, Janice Gobert

March 31, 2022

Overview In this episode, I got to chat with the amazing Janice Gobert, CEO, and Co-founder of Inq-ITS . She is also a Professor of Learning Sciences at Rutgers University . Janice speaks of all her many education travels an…