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April 8, 2021

9: Breaking Down Silos & Bringing Academic Teams Together with Kathy Gibson CEO and Founder of APL NextED

9: Breaking Down Silos & Bringing Academic Teams Together with Kathy Gibson CEO and Founder of APL NextED
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Episode Overview On the 9th episode of EdUp EdTech, we speak with Kathy Gibson Founder & CEO of APL NextED

We had a great conversation about Kathy's transition from lawyer to the field of education, and also her life's passion for making higher education better for everyone by breaking down silos and bringing teams together. Kathy also discusses women's role in higher ed and how there needs to be more support for women's leadership in this space. 

About APL NextED

APL was designed to bring faculty, administrators, advisors, teaching & learning professionals, instructional designers, and other team members together. Our centralized hub fosters collaboration, greater automation and integration of processes, and increased transparency of information.

More about Kathy 

Kathleen "Kathy" Gibson is the CEO and Founder of APL nextED, a comprehensive academic operations platform that provides workflow support and links faculty and student data to optimize teaching, advising, and mentoring to increase student success.

She has worked as a lawyer, college dean, program developer, professor, and writer. She is a wife, mother, avid reader, and yoga enthusiast. Kathleen has studied and written about trends in higher education for the last 20 years.

Kathy has been described as an audacious leader who knows how to solve big problems by building executable plans and by assembling strong, talented teams. She has a contagious passion for connecting diverse people around a common vision. 

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