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April 1, 2021

8: Negotiating College Pricing How TuitionFit is Changing the Game with Mark Salisbury, Co-Founder and CEO

8: Negotiating College Pricing How TuitionFit is Changing the Game with Mark Salisbury, Co-Founder and CEO
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Episode Overview On the 8th episode of EdUp EdTech, we speak with Mark Salisbury Co-founder & CEO of TuitionFit

We discuss Mark's experience in higher education and passion for helping students and their families make fiscally sound decisions when choosing a college through using the TuitionFit system. This is also a win for colleges and institutions to inform the tuition process. With pricing transparency, everyone wins!!! 

About TuitionFit 

TuitionFit gives college-bound students, families, and college search counselors the pricing information they need to make the most informed decisions possible. We make it possible for more students to go to college, pay for college, and begin adult life without the burden of excess student loan debt. More about Mark Mark Salisbury has spent 25 years in higher education as a soccer coach, admissions counselor, instructor, director of institutional research, academic administrator. He has a Ph.D. in higher education and studies how colleges and universities succeed (or fail) in helping students learn and grow.  His research has been published and cited in numerous academic journals and has been highlighted by NPR, WNYC, The New York Times, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and Inside Higher Ed.  Two years ago, Mark started TuitionFit to solve the lack of real college price transparency by crowdsourcing information.  When he isn't working on TuitionFit, Mark is busy raising two boys, pedaling long distances on a stationary bike, and wishing he could be an improv comic. Thanks for tuning in! 

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