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March 18, 2021

6: Elevating Your Course Textbook using A.I. with Elliot Grossbard, Strategic Advisor Elevate U

6: Elevating Your Course Textbook using A.I. with Elliot Grossbard, Strategic Advisor Elevate U
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Episode Overview

On the 6th episode of EdUp EdTech, we speak withElliot Grossbard, Strategic Advisor for ElevateU. On this episode, we talk about Elliot's journey into the EdTech space, learning about Instructional Design, and how ElevateU is helping create dynamic and affordable learning resources for students. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), ElevateU is changing the landscape of textbook options by helping adapt to new ways of learning. 

About ElevateU 

Using A.I., ElevateU is publishing digital courses and AI textbooks in 75% less time than the current average production time in the industry. We have reimagined learning, enabling professors to rapidly create an interactive AI textbook that dynamically adapts to each students’ learning modalities.

More about Elliot 

The most important part of the business is and always will be "the relationship." I was lucky to have learned this lesson at an early age from my longest-living mentor, Harvey Mackay. It was Harvey also that taught me that having a strong network is essential to succeed in business and in life.

I continue to learn from my team of mentors and colleagues with a growth mindset. True champions never stop looking for ways to become better, neither do great salespeople.

Creating relationships and strategic partnerships have grown into friendships that have paid dividends for me and others and will continue to. Identifying who is the with people you should be spending time connecting with is one of the most difficult parts of networking and growing a business. Helping companies go from where they are now to where they want to be, is a passion of mine, and with the experience I've had myself and through observing others, I have been helping companies and people grow.

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