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Feb. 3, 2022

42: School Doesn't Work & It's Time to Dismantle Education, with Mike Yates, Founder and Podcast Host, Schoolish

42: School Doesn't Work & It's Time to Dismantle Education, with Mike Yates, Founder and Podcast Host, Schoolish


In this episode, I got to chat with the always extraordinary, remarkable, fantastic, and always genuine Mike Yates, Founder and Podcast Host, Schoolish. We talk about all things education, Mike’s amazing journey, and why education needs to change. This is one of the episodes that is special. You will hang on Mike’s every word and feel truly get out there and make a change!

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More about Mike Yates

In his own words…

I work to reinvent the school system. Every single day. That is what gets me up in the morning.

I am the Senior Managing Director of Network Strategy at the TFA Reinvention Lab, powered by Teach For America. I'm looking to find, connect and add value to people doing the real work of school reinvention. In other words, I am trying to build an ecosystem of innovation in education. I am trying to build the next set of innovations that changes TFA for the next 30-50 years.

When I am not working in the lab I coach public speakers, advise education startups, and host a podcast called Schoolish. I have a newsletter called Schoolish: The Newsletter where I am covering all things future of learning and teaching educators to pivot.

Each morning when my four children wake up I look my "why" in the face. Each of them is a reminder that this system of education in the US must change to support all kinds of learners with a fire in their eyes and curiosity bubbling around in their minds.

Please connect with me and let’s work together.

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