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Jan. 27, 2022

41: A Technology Hub for Higher Education Experts, Jeff Dillon Founder, EdTech Connect

41: A Technology Hub for Higher Education Experts, Jeff Dillon Founder, EdTech Connect


In this episode, I get to speak with the always awesome, Jeff Dillon, Founder of EdTech Connect. Jeff shares his journey into the entrepreneurial space and how EdTech Connect came to life. Jeff is a seasoned higher education professional with a plethora of experience and knowledge in the education industry, and his passion for ed tech truly shines through in this episode.

EdTech Connect is a technology hub created for Higher Education experts. Verified Higher Ed experts showcase their skills, experience, and software they use to help each other at a tactical or strategic level covering a spectrum of topics in Higher Education.

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More about Jeff Dillon

Jeff is a proven leader in managing dynamic and complex IT organizations and driving business transformation.

In his own words…

I continually strive to use agile principles to enhance project and business processes. I have a passion for leveraging teams of developers to optimize User Experience with the core principles of Universal Design and Accessibility. I am a consistent presenter at mobile industry conferences and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other schools to improve the quality and speed to deliver student-centered services.

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