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Jan. 6, 2022

38: Diving into a New Year and Microlearning with Kate Udalova, Co-founder and CPO of 7taps

38: Diving into a New Year and Microlearning with Kate Udalova, Co-founder and CPO of 7taps
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If you've thought about the future of learning, it's here. Join me as we kick off Season 2 of EdUp EdTech where I got to sit down with CPO and Co-founder of 7taps, Kate Udalova. Kate has been in the L&D sector for eight years and wanted to build a simple learning platform, enter 7taps. In less than a year, 7taps has gained over 4,000 clients and developed an intuitive tool where it takes less than 20 minutes to develop an engaging lesson.

More About Kate Udalova (from her LinkedIn Profile)

I got tired of struggling with complicated eLearning platforms. So, after 6 years working in the L&D field, I quit and built my own tool —7taps Microlearning. In less than a year, 7taps has reached the #1 spot on G2 for microlearning. 🏆

7taps helps to create engaging mobile-first content in minutes, not hours. Our clients include independent ID professionals as well as the world’s largest companies. And we are growing fast: 5,000 B2B clients → in 12 months

One of the most inspiring pieces of feedback I got recently:

"Thank you very much for this. I think this is exactly how learning should and will work in the future".

Check out more about 7taps and create your Free lesson today by going to:

Connect with Kate on LinkedIn & Follow 7taps on Social Media -  LinkedIn

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