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Nov. 25, 2021

35: Talking Tech, Learning and Teaching with Erick Ofgang, Senior Writer at Tech & Learning

35: Talking Tech, Learning and Teaching with Erick Ofgang, Senior Writer at Tech & Learning
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On the 35th episode of EdUp EdTech, I had the pleasure of chatting with Erick Ofgang, Senior Writer at Tech & Learning. In this episode, Erick and I talk about teaching during Covid, his love for writing in the field of education, and also shares an interesting story about how his dog ate his students' homework. Erick is a down-to-earth, passionate, and insightful human who wants to share fabulous resources with educators and faculty that engage students and improve learning experiences. 

More About Erick (from hisLinkedIn bio) 

I'm an educator, journalist, author, and recovering PowerPoint user. My writing has appeared in the Washington Post, The Atlantic, Tablet Magazine, Yankee Magazine, Thrillist, and many other publications. My most recent book, "The Good Vices: From Beer to Sex, The Surprising Truth About What's Actually Good for You," was published by Penguin Random House.

I’m currently the senior writer at Tech & Learning and a faculty mentor in Western Connecticut State University’s MFA in Creative and Professional writing program. I was previously a senior writer at Connecticut Magazine and an adjunct professor at Mercy College, Quinnipiac University, and Bridgeport University.

Throughout my career, I have been obsessed with the root of knowledge — how we know what we know. This has led me down many rabbit holes ranging from investigating the true cause of the Hartford circus fire for Connecticut Magazine or debunking generations of hamburger history lies with new documentation for the Washington Post.

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