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June 29, 2021

20: The Best Nerd I've Ever Met, an Instructional Design Conversation with Dr. Luke Hobson, Founder, Instructional Design Institute

20: The Best Nerd I've Ever Met, an Instructional Design Conversation with Dr. Luke Hobson, Founder, Instructional Design Institute
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On the 20th episode of EdUp EdTech, I got to chat with my favorite ID nerd, Dr. Luke Hobson. During this episode, we chat about all things Instructional Design (ID) from answering interview questions to what technologies IDs should know and know well! If you don’t know Luke you should and this is your sign.

Luke also has his own podcast where he recently interviewed the amazing Tim Slade, check it out - If you have not yet checked out you need to check out Luke’s Instructional Design Institute by going to: He has some amazing content! 

More About Dr. Luke Hobson From his site (

 I’m a Program Manager at MIT, an Online Instructor for SNHU, and the Founder of the Instructional Design Institute. My life is online learning and I love sharing my experiences with other instructional designers and teachers! My philosophy on learning comes from MIT, which is mens et manus or mind and hand. I believe in providing you with practical applications and helping you develop real tangible skills. I’ve been told that my superpower is being able to take complex ideas and translate them into simple lessons. That’s why my podcast and blog have quick steps for you to take to work on your craft. My students come from all walks of life. I’ve designed courses for engineers at NASA to busy Moms and Dads who are working full time. No matter what course I’m designing, I follow Universal Design for Learning as a framework to overcome barriers and provide flexibility. What I care about the most is the online learning experience and providing every opportunity for students to learn. I have a BA in Graphic Design, an MS in Marketing, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership (EdD) with my research focused on online Millennial Generation students and how they perceived their relationships with online Academic Advisors. On a personal note, I’m a husband, dog dad, musician, and a health and fitness nut. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or just want to nerd out! 

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