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May 27, 2021

16: Removing Data Silos and Unifying Platforms with Classe365, Nandan Keerthi, Founder Classe365

16: Removing Data Silos and Unifying Platforms with Classe365, Nandan Keerthi, Founder Classe365
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Episode Overview

On the 16th episode of EdUp EdTech, I got to have a lovely chat with Nandan Keerthi founder of Classe365. Nandan is a self-proclaimed EDUpreneur and innovator. He is a super amazing human and I loved the conversation we had. In this episode, we hear about Nandan's journey and achieving his dream of creating Classe365 and changing the digital landscape of education. You will definitely want to check out all the great things happening at Classe365. 

More Nandan & Classe365 

From Nandan: 

"Founding Classe365 was not only a dream but getting this off on a growth trajectory has been one of the most satisfying journeys. Classe365 is one of the leading EduTech platforms globally today and I am very passionate about driving innovation and contributing to learning and education.

Prior to founding Classe365, I have had various solution sales, growth, and leadership roles in global multinationals, SMEs & start-ups across various sectors. Whilst working in these organizations, I understood the challenges that global educators face and set out to make a positive impact, through Education Technology, on our children and humanity at large."

More About Classe365 

Classe365 was founded with the goal of developing the world‘s best student and learning management platform for all sizes and types of education institutions. Today, we have over 4500 educators across 130 countries from student sizes of 15 to 200,000 helping their students achieve new heights.Classe365 has built technology that provides a complete student management software system. This allows teachers and educators to deliver knowledge through traditional and blended learning environments, where students can learn, gain knowledge, and build their future.

Be sure to check out the Classe365 Digitial Transformation Framework by going to -

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